[Live] The Datsuns

The Datsuns, The Treatment
The Annandale Hotel
16 December 2012

The Penny Lane look-alike draped her arms on a foldback speaker and stared dreamily at The Treatment. Complemented by a dedicated mosh-pit of three, the Sydney band offered the required warm-up for the unprecedented carnage The Datsuns would unleash.

A ridiculously loud, foot-stomping, air-guitar-worthy performance blasted out of the Annandale speakers; showcasing The Treatments’ debut EP Drive Me Crazy, the lead singer was so intimate with the microphone that it fell off its perch. Concluding their set by throwing their guitars to the ground, the band stalked off stage and left their audience in complete and utter distortion.

There were no indicators of this gig being on a Sunday evening. As the Datsuns took to the stage, the third song saw semi-successful crowd surfing – while by half way through the set, there was beer and bodies everywhere.

The last time I saw The Datsuns was at New Zealand’s version of Top Of The Pops. No shit. I stood in the frount row, and their classic rock performance gave me a much needed faith in New Zealand music. I had a new favourite band:  pure, energetic, motherfucking rock’n’roll. Two albums later, I was more or less in the same place tonight: The Datsuns were perfectly preserved in my mind, and lead singer Dolf reminded me of all the lyrics I used to know by heart.

There were no indicators that tonight was a Sunday. After The Datsuns took the stage, the third song saw semi-successful crowd-surfing; halfway though the set, there was beer and bodies everywhere. Playing a generous amount of older songs, no long-time fans could have been disappointed with the setlist. Mosh-pit favourites ‘In Love’ and ‘Harmonic Generator’ weaved themselves between tracks from their new album Death Rattle Boogie. And if you didn’t know the song, The Datsuns threw in some fun activities. “Shall we do it?” Dolf asked the band halfway though new track ‘Helping Hands’. Convincing the audience to sit on the ground for some ‘down-time’, he prepared them to jump in the air when things got a bit loud. Carnage.

Diving into the next song with a leg kick, and diving into the next song, all shit was lost as Dolf finally screamed ‘LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER FROM HEEELLLL” into the microphone. Turning for a group huddle on-stage to decide the final song of the evening, ‘Freeze Suckers’ has the band cryogenically frozen in my mind, from now until I see them again.

Tanydd Jaquet
Originally published thebrag.com


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