[Live] Mickey Avalon

Mickey Avalon, Kid Mac, Phat Controller
Metro Theatre
20 October 2013

My Sundays don’t usually end up with strippers, heavy doses of crowd participation and a sweaty mosh pit – but by God, this one did. After a few small encounters with mostly naked lead singers, I’m not sure next week’s confession is going to forgive the sins I witnessed at the Metro Theatre.

Garbed in a fishing hat and a white wife-beater, Slippery paced up and down the stage with a style he picked up in LA. In his hyper Australian accent he dedicated his next song “to the ladies and the players”, and so began a lyrical whirlwind of spliffs, BBQs and surfing.

As hard rock three-piece The Phat Controller performed to an imaginary stadium, the lead guitarist and DJ were drowned out by the frontman’s stage antics. Commanding the audience to get naked, the frontman was already way ahead of the crowd. Grinding the floor and leading a group chant of “suck me off”, it is safe to say: ‘Well, that escalated quickly.’ The “I

At a gig where you leave your morals at home, Kid Mac’s dancefloor beats and smooth vocals brought the only conventional segment to the whole night. However, as soon as he announced getting some “Bangarang up in this bitch”, we were back to the bizarre, and the second installment of crowd participation commenced as a sea of middle fingers rose up to all the haters.

The infamous Hollywood hip hop party boy stepped onstage to Toni Basil’s ‘Mickey’. Mickey Avalon must hate that joke by now, but the crowd loved it. Touring his recent EP, I Get Even, each new track savoured every bit of Avalon’s history of excessive behavior.

Playing all the favorites from his self-titled 2006 album, ‘Waiting To Die’ was followed by ‘Mr. Right’, ‘So Rich, So Pretty’ and ‘Fuckin’ ‘Em All’. Avalon was joined by a dancer who had a different coordinated outfit for each song she appeared in – she spent most of her time onstage taking her clothes off. ‘Jane Fonda’ was always going to be a set highlight, and although bringing Kid Mac onstage for ‘She Goes Off’ fell a bit flat, the crowd was happy shooting imaginary guns.

With Avalon returning for an encore of ‘My Dick’, the exhausted crowd gave everything they had to a song we have all played too loud in a public place.

Tanydd Jaquet
Origionally published http://www.thebrag.com


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