[Live] One Direction

One Direction, McBusted
Allianz Stadium
7 February 2015

Behind enemy lines, I went undetected as a sceptic with a group of 1D super-fans.
Here are 5 thoughts I had as I watched One Direction:

  1. Wear earplugs
    The 1D wall of screams is a spectacle in itself. A single photo of the band on the large screens was enough to set the entire Allianz Stadium ablaze. I often take earplugs to gigs – in case I’m too close to a speaker, or if the sound engineer is a little too enthusiastic. My earplugs were in by the time I found my seat in the heavens of Allianz Stadium. Not for the music, but for the screams. Especially if the loudest scream is from a middle aged woman sitting to your left. The size of the crowd is remarkable, but the noise level of the overexcitement is unbelievable. And painful.
  2. No one cares about the opening act 
    As the only person in the crowd who knew the words to McBusted’s “Year 300”, it was a rare moment of letting down my guard. It served as a reminder of my music choice pre-Nirvana. It was time to get off my high horse, and remember a time when I was addicted to any catchy beat, owned the latest ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ and didn’t understand what the lyrics I sang along to really meant.
  3. I’m not convinced this is about the music
    Catchy and feel-good,  most of the songs carry a scary resemblance to many number one hits of the last two decades. Well, of what you could hear over the screaming.
    Apparently the Beatles felt they couldn’t improve their live performance due to the sound-breaking screams from the audience. I imagine that 1D would feel the same way, if it wasn’t for all the international stadiums they are selling out. Not that they should be compared to the Beatles.
  4. Zayn will do a Robbie
    For my money (and I didn’t pay for a ticket) the most talented member of the band. He knows it too. It’s only a matter of time until he goes solo.
    (Update: Do I get a prize for being right?)
  5. Teenage boy band super fandom is frightening. 
    Teenagers don’t care about an epic firework finales. Especially when they can run through a stadium to the stage exit, stand in an crowd of hyper-emotional like-minded tweens, and burst into crying hysterics as five black vans drove away with their marriage proposal. This is real life.

So, why did I agree to go?
It’s a once in a lifetime experience.
And it will remain exactly that.



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