[Live] Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran, Conrad Sewell
Qantas Credit Union Arena
24 March 2015

You could hear the screams of frenzied Ed Sheeran fans before you entered the Qantas Credit Union Arena. For those yet to attend, I recommend earplugs for the uncontrollable outbursts of anything Sheeran related both in and outside the venue.

Australian singer Conrad Sewell opened with a Michael Jackson cover, followed by a set of strong pop ballads as the crowd multiplied.

Introducing himself as the first artist signed to Sheeran’s new label, Jamie Lawson took his chance to woo a Sydney audience.

Playing to a crowd restless for the main act, Lawson drew them in with his charm and captivating love songs accompanied by guitar.

Sheeran doesn’t need fireworks or glitter cannons to entertain his audience. Just his guitar, a loop pedal, and multiple towering screens playing video clips- I guess thats what the money for the band was spent on.

Straight into the hits, Sheeran opened with ‘I’m a Mess’, and invited his fans to join an epic sing-along to ‘Lego House’.

You can almost forget his international superstar status, as his anecdotes and signature grim entertained fans between the songs that have taken over the world almost ubiquitously. How very English.

Between the guitar looping, rapping and just great songwriting- Sheeran’s talents are undeniable.

With the soul of a busker, his honesty and versatility as a musician is hard not to fall for.

As he continues to upsize his performance venues with each tour to Australia – Ed Sheeran is a pop music fairy tale.

Ed Sheeran will be charming the Qantas Credit Union Arena for two more shows – for those lucky enough to get a ticket.

Tanydd Jaquet
Originally published on dailytelegraph.com.au


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