[Live] Human Nature

Human Nature
State Theatre
7 May 2015

Human Nature have returned home to celebrate their 25th anniversary with the fans that began their career.

Taking a break from their Las Vegas residency, the quartet are currently part-way through a whirlwind Australia tour.

As the crowd of lifelong fans built outside the State Theatre – even the usher was gushing about how great the show was going to be.

Touring their 11th studio album, Jukebox, their repertoire has been created to appease the fans that were there from the very beginning.

From pulling out a cassette of their first demo as 4 Trax, to playing footage of their Wembley Stadium performance – this is more than a concert. The show tells the story of how they became one of Australia’s most iconic bands.

With enough hits to leave to chance with a roulette wheel – the first act showcased the songs that gave them to multi-platinum status in Australia.

“Got It Goin’ On” and “Wishes” and “He Don’t Love You” were accompanied by a touring big band.

Stopping “Every Time You Cry” for the chorus just confirmed that the audience was already singing along.

Four-part harmonies, combined with lyrics that still hold a 90s boyband charm make it hard to not get caught up in the moment.

Many fans were already dancing in the aisles – and it wasn’t long until everyone was on their feet, learning the dance moves and singing every word.

Flawless renditions of classic covers cascaded one after the other for the second act. All of the mega-hits from the Beatles, Ben E. King, and the Four Seasons had the polished treatment of a Las Vegas performance.

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Tanydd Jaquet
Originally published on dailytelegraph.com.au


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