[Theatre] Endgame

Samuel Beckett’s Endgame
Roslyn Packer Theatre, Sydney Theatre Company

From the moment Hugo Weaving is unveiled onstage, you could hear a pin drop at the Roslyn Packer Theatre. Directed by Andrew Upton, the one scene play circles around Hamm, a blind tyrant (Hugo Weaving), Cloy his son (Tom Budge), and Hamm’s parents Nell and Nagg who live in bins (Sarah Peirse and Bruce Spence).

Set in the dark room in the middle of a post-apocalyptic world, the four characters debate the existence of life outside the four walls, and their nostalgia for yesterday. As the endless drops drip from the stage wall like the agonising infinity of seconds passing through in their world, the audience cannot help but to respond to their helplessness with laughter.

“Nothing is funnier than unhappiness, I grant you that” The greatest conflict in the play is the one you find yourself in when you leave the theatre. Both quizzical and inspired – you resolve to leave the room you have been so comfortable in, and take a chance on exploring what could be outside.

Sydney Theatre Company’s production of Endgame is a dark comedy that leaves it’s audience talking more than what happens onstage.

Samuel Beckett’s Endgame is playing at the Roslyn Packer Theatre until 9 May 2015. 


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